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Ujala Epoxy Paint is a high solid coating formulated to provide excellent film build in multiple coats.The high level of cross linking proved a coat for immersion service in fresh water, PAINT salt water or waste water.Additionally, this product is resistant to many acids, alkalies and mild solvents in splash and spill exposures.The high build of this product provides an excellent non-conductive film for use between dissimilar metals. This product may be applied direct to prepared ferrous metal and concrete, however,a primer is recommended for maximum life expectancy.This is a two-component product that requires the entire contents of the component mixed with the entire contents of the Hardener component. Mix ratio is 3:1.Do not mix partial kits.

UJALA Epoxy Paint is designed for ship/barges body and hatches,waste water treatment,chemical processing,pulp and paper mills, and industrial maintenance markets or anywhere a polyamide exoxy is required for excellent resistanceto water,chemicals and underground exposures. The performance of this product is directly dependent upon the degree of surface preparation employed. All dirt,paint, rust,oils and accumulated salts must be removed prior to employing specific surface preparation methods.



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